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Region Location County City Type Category Price
House IrenaFlag of Croatia House House Irena Dear visitors we incite you to check out our offers of accommodations and chose us for your starting point for discovering beautiful beaches and cultural monuments on Peljec peninsula and island Korcula.
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Villa AntonioFlag of Croatia Villa Villa Antonio If you travel to the sunny south and want to meet the most beautiful parts of the Adriatic coast, come to Villa Antonio Pension where you will be given a warm reception. You can find us on the peninsula of Peljesac, vis-a-vis Korcula island, in Orebi
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Apartments and Camp PericFlag of Croatia Apartments Apartments and Camp Peric The camping sites and the family house Peric are situated in Brijesta on the peninsula Peljesac. They offer relaxation for big-city people who want to escape from the noise of the big city, the polluted city air, the boring fog and the spoilt nature
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Pansion Mirina ViganjFlag of Croatia House Pansion Mirina Viganj The Mirina Boarding house has a long tradition in tourism. The area on the very exit from Viganj where the Antunović family house is located has been known as Mirina from the ancient times since it symbolizes "something even more speciall than silence; the feeling it brings is peace". The Croatian word for peace is mir and that is how the boarding house was called Mirina. Peace is the prevailing feeling you will experience during your stay both in Viganj and our boarding house.
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Apartments CavelisFlag of Croatia Apartments Apartments Cavelis There are many breathtaking sceneries while driving along Peljesac peninsula, the view of the small fishermans village Zuljana and its bay is certainly one of them. Surrounded by magnificent mountain chains which slowly descend to the sea, colorful M
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Camp and Apartments ValaFlag of Croatia Apartments Camp and Apartments Vala Mokalo, a small place located on the peninsula of Peljesac, 3 kilometers east of Orebic, is home to our seaside camp and apartments Vala. The south side provides a beautiful view of the island Korcula and numerous small islands and reefs, with the sl
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Apartments VitaljicFlag of Croatia Apartments Apartments Vitaljic Vitaljic apartments - Trpanj are located about 600 meters from town center and about 200 meters from beaches. About 20 meters from house begins pitoresque walking path by the seaside. Along the path you can also visit different beaches. Among others,
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Apartments NikolicaFlag of Croatia Apartments Apartments Nikolica Apartments Nikolica are located in Dingac, Peninsula of Peljesac, 95 km west of Dubrovnik. It is an ideal place for all those who enjoy natural beauties of the Mediterranean with its crystal clear Adriatic Sea, and for those who like to dive. It is a
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